Area Rugs

Area rugs present on this website is made up of high quality material in each segments.  All the rugs present here are of Indian origin. A beautiful home is one of the many dreams in a person’s life, and we are here to help you with that. At Kashanian Exports you can find a wide variety of pure handmade carpets with easy 30 days return policy and free delivery to your door step.

Indian area rugs

Indian area rugs are rich in culture and has an emotional attachment of the artisan who created it. We try to deliver the hard work of our 10,000 artisan through the rugs we deliver and are confident enough to provide you with guarantee even on the custom made products. Handmade area rugs are appreciated because of its quality, the look and feel it gives to the user and it also the represents the hard work and the story behind each rug.

We allow our customers to choose from a wide variety of options from sizes, styles, weaving pattern and many more. Buying a perfect size carpet is very essential as it will enhance the beauty of your home. we have our customer care executive available for you 24×7 in case of any query.

The sizes are divided into 6 segments small rugs, medium rugs, large rugs, oversized rugs, runner rugs, and round rugs. The small rugs segment contain carpets of size ranging from 2x3ft – 4x6ft, and in the medium rug segment the range of the carpet size is 5x8ft- 6x9ft, similarly large rug segment is 8x10ft – 9x12ft and the oversized rugs are 10x14ft and above.